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                        Low-voltage Apparatus Pump Draught Fan Mechanical Seal Valve Electrical Machinery Electric Tool Electric Welding Machine Internal Combustion Engine Bearing EMC Metal Materials Precision Measurement/Machine Tool Small and Llight Lifting Equipment Agricultural and Forestry Machinery Traffic Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Product Quality Accreditation

                        Metal Materials

                        Metal materials profession is able to carry out tensile testing of metal materials, chemical composition analysis, micro-morphology analysis and other services.

                        With direct reading spectrometer, scanning electron microscopy and other advanced detection and analysis equipment.

                        Tensile Strength:≤200t

                        Composition Analysis:Iron-based Materials,Cuprum-based Materials,Aluminum-based Materials

                        Morphology Analysis:Amplification factor 60ten thousand times

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                          +86 571-61132012

                        • Jie Ding

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