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                        Low-voltage Apparatus Pump Draught Fan Mechanical Seal Valve Electrical Machinery Electric Tool Electric Welding Machine Internal Combustion Engine Bearing EMC Metal Materials Precision Measurement/Machine Tool Small and Llight Lifting Equipment Agricultural and Forestry Machinery Traffic Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Product Quality Accreditation


                        Bearing testing room focuses on third-party testing of bearings; the testing capabilities cover the calibration of parameters of finished bearing and parts, as well as relevant items; it has an independent team to develop various types of bearing testing machines, with rich experience in testing and evaluation of aircraft and military bearings.

                        Inner diameter (d): 3mm~1000mm, Outer diameter (D): 5~1500mm

                        The bearing testing room is aimed at serving the bearing industry and customers, and actively exploring the frontier domains of bearing testing. According to the actual conditions of bearing application in the industry, we’ll gradually carry out research and development of bearing life simulation bench in a variety of special working condition, as well as the research of test methods, and align with colleges and universities to proceed with the R&D of bearing life prediction system to offer solutions to improve the reliability of bearings.

                        • Telephone

                          +86 571-86492965

                        • Youliang Zhang

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