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                        Low-voltage Apparatus Pump Draught Fan Mechanical Seal Valve Electrical Machinery Electric Tool Electric Welding Machine Internal Combustion Engine Bearing EMC Metal Materials Precision Measurement/Machine Tool Small and Llight Lifting Equipment Agricultural and Forestry Machinery Traffic Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Product Quality Accreditation

                        Traffic Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

                        Traffic mechanical and electrical engineering is the first traffic mechanical and electrical engineering testing laboratory in Zhejiang Province. The testing capabilities cover monitoring facilities, communications facilities, charging facilities, low-voltage distribution facilities, tunnel electromechanical facilities, tunnel draught fan supporting structures, etc.

                        Traffic mechanical and electrical engineering laboratory is committed to the maintenance testing of traffic electrical and mechanical equipment, providing data basis for proprietors to carry out equipment upgrading.

                        • Telephone

                          +86 571-88027660

                        • Nanfeng Huang

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