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                        Company Profile

                        Zhejiang Testing & Inspection Institute for Mechanical and Electrical Products Quality comprehensive mechanical and electrical products testing institute with solid strength, which has two inspection bases in Binjiang and Lin’an, which cover an laboratory area of 28,000 square meters, and possess 1,700 sets of testing equipment/sets. There are currently 2 professor-level senior engineers, over 20 senior engineers; 50% of employees have intermediate-level technical titles.

                        Testing Service

                        Low-voltage apparatus, Pump, Draught fan, Mechanical seal, Valve, Electrical machinery, Electric tool, Electric welding machine, Internal combustion engine, Bearing, Electromagnetic compatibility, Metal materials, Precision measurement/machine tool, Agricultural and forestry machinery, Traffic mechanical and electrical engineering and Product quality accreditation

                        Qualification Honor

                        Designated inspection agency for national mandatory product certification   

                        Inspection agency for industrial product manufacturing license

                        Contracted laboratories of China Quality Certification Center        

                        CB laboratory of German TUV Rheinland’s

                        Energy efficiency labeling efficiency testing laboratory        

                        Authorized inspeciton agency by Zhejiang quality and Technical Supervision

                        Key laboratory of Pump and Electrical machinery in Zhejiang Province            

                        Zhejiang product quality appraisal agency 

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